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Join us for day drinking at De Pope Tavern, a little piece of Heaven on the Bayou!  Our tour boat is docked just outside, so arrive early for your tour, and step inside to play a game of pool, for a bite to eat from our small food menu and/or drinks at local prices - not increased touristy prices - including daily specials!  You can also purchase drinks to take on the tour - there is a stop about halfway through the tour with a restroom.  For any questions about our drinks or food or advance orders, please call or text us at (504) 421-3059, or email us at or  Our food menu features:

Boiled Crabs: market price

Crab Cakes: $7.50 each

Catfish Nuggets: $10

Mini Crawfish Pies (when available):  $4.00 each

Spinach and Artichoke Dip:  $6.75; top with crab meat:  $10.50

Gator Ballz (5):  $9.00

Jalapeno Poppers (5): $4.50

Mozzarella Sticks (8):  $4.25

Fries: $2.50

Potato Salad: $4

Red Beans with smoked sausage and pickled pork over Rice:  $7.00

Butter Beans with andouille sausage and pickled pork over Rice:  $7.00

Chicken, Andouille and Okra Gumbo​​ over Rice:  $7.50; top with crab meat:  $11.25

  • Tavern Hours:  Mon-Thurs 2 p.m. til; Fri & Sat 12 p.m. til; Sun 10 a.m. til (opening time flexible for pre-arranged early arrivals)

  • Anyone eating inside must be 18 or over

  • Please feel free to order ahead to have your food ready for your arrival before or return from the tour.

  • Pre-Arrange a meal for groups/parties

  • Order house drinks by the gallon/half gallon to take on your tour.  We offer:

    • Screwdriver $50/$25 

    • Rum Punch $50/$25 

    • Coconut Rum Punch $50/$25 

    • Mojito $50/$25 

    • Bloody Mary $55/$27.50 

    • Mimosa $60/$30 

    • Margarita $55/$27.50 

    • Long Island Iced Tea $50/$25 

    • White Russian $50/$25 

    • Alligator Snapper (house specialty drink) $50/$25

    • Bayou Booze (house specialty drink) $50/$25

red beans
creamy spinach and artichoke dip
crab cake
boiled blue crab
butter beans
chicken and andouille gumbo


De Pope Tavern is our tavern on the bayou, where our tour boat is docked. De Pope was founded by Lionel J. Alphonso, Sr. in 1993 and was originally a local boat launch and tavern. The name "De Pope" comes from Mr. Lionel's nickname - "Da Pope." He became Da Pope, New Orleans Saints super fan, after Pope John Paul's visit to New Orleans in September 1987. Since then, Da Pope was inducted into the Visa Hall of Fans in the Pro Football Hal of Fame in January 1999, Canton Ohio; he became an active member of Pro Football's Ultimate Fan Association ("PFUFA") in 2001; and he was selected by What a Fan as the "Nation's #1 NFL Fan!" in 2013. Da Pope is a local legend, and known by all loyal Saints fans! After Hurricane Katrina, the boat launch did not return (although the old boat hoist still stands), but the tavern returned and was renovated. Mr. Lionel retired in early 2021, and we took over management so we could make it Happiness Bayou Tours' official home!

Captain George
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