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"We had an incredible time! Thank you for sharing the gift of your stories and memories that will last a lifetime!" Karen Rozanski

"Family had an amazing time on the bayou! Thanks Captain George for your friendliness, humor and knowledge. We had a blast."  "Capt George was friendly, funny and knowledgeable. Our family had an amazing time!" ~ Emily Walters

"Captain George is VERY knowledgeable and a great story teller. He was beyond professional. My 9 and 7 year old were in complete attention as he pulled in alligators and a crab cage. We were living his story for just a couple hours. Best education for our family."

"We had a great time with Captain George. He told us a lot about the area and Katrina. All of the teens we were with enjoyed the trip, too!" ~ Jenstl77

"We had a great time with George. He told fantastic stories and told us a lot about the area. It was fun to see the alligators and it is a beautiful area!" ~ Jenny K

"Went out this week; it was an awesome day. Both the captain and his wife (our driver!) were super friendly. I learned an amazing amount about Katrina, the bayou, wildlife, etc. Boat went fast, which is cool. Highly recommended." ~ Paul B

"I’m going to keep this short and sweet. The the tour and Captain George were fantastic. My husband and I came with my parents and we enjoyed every second of it." ~ SEK1230

"Great tour, small groups. Captain George has lived in the bayou his entire life and knows everything there is to know about the swamps surrounding New Orleans. He will entertain you with numerous interesting stories about gators, Katrina, the bayou and his personal experiences. I'd recommend this tour to anyone." ~ SarahB13491

"This was an incredible experience for the whole family! With girls aged 3 to 11, it can be hard to make everyone happy but this did the trick. Intriguing stories, incredible wildlife and gorgeous views. Perfectly executed." ~ RedCat

"3hrs of fun, history and stories with Captain George. Thoroughly recommend this tour to all ages. Cap’n was entertaining throughout the entire tour and having grown up in the area, knew all of the local secrets. A must do." ~ pauldickinson1965

"Great tour I loved seeing all the alligators. Captain George was amazing!! Learned so much on the tour. I will definitely be back!!!" ~ Sharon Smith

"Had a great time loved seeing the alligators up close!!! Capt George was amazing!! Will be back next year." ~ Danny Goodlett

"George was a great guide for out tour of the Bayou. He was able to explain how important the Bayou is to New Orleans and gave us a lot of insight about the effects of Hurricane Katrina on the Bayou. After cruising the waterways, he took us into a grotto overhung with branches, with shores within a few feet, and the feeling of stepping (cruising) into another world. He summoned a large alligator along side the boat, had a small alligator that we were able to handle, and explained much about these animals. George's evident knowledge and experience made this a well-worth while afternoon." ~ biggsjann

"The tour was great! Captain George was very knowledgeable and a lot of fun to talk to and listen to! Happiness is also really great at communicating with customers - immediately responded to inquiries about the tour, sending confirmation, etc. Overall great experience, highly recommend." ~ Bethany Merrill

"Captain George is a great bayou guide, born and raised in the neighborhood. This tour isn’t just a boat ride and tour of a bayou - you really learn what it’s like to live on the swamps and bayous. The alligator experience was great - very up close and personal, and I learned more than I ever imagined about alligators. This is a family owned tour company who really take care of their guests. You will not be disappointed." ~ Meteormike

"Have taken several gator tours on my various trips to New Orleans, and Capt George is the best! Very knowledgeable about the area and the gators. Got to hold a baby alligator and also got to see quite a few others in the water." ~ Casha Flowers

"Captain George is the best! We really enjoyed his knowledge of the area. Seeing the camps, hearing stories of Katrina, seeing the gators and getting a short biology lesson was So worth it!" ~ audrey M

"While in NOLA for Mardi Gras, our group of 8 really wanted to go on a swamp tour. We chose this one based on TA reviews and I am SO glad we did! The experience was everything part of the description and then some! The staff were super patient with us through the booking process. Furthermore, we were supposed to be there at 12:30 and arrived 15 min late after getting a little lost (were NOLA rookies) and no one gave us a hard time at all. Captain George is a native and continuously demonstrates his passion and respect for the bayou. We were all in awe at all of the knowledge he shared about life in the bayou and also showed us quite a bit of the Katrina devastation that still exists 10+ years later. Our tour went well over 3 hours due to the weather. We were just about to head back to the marina after cruising all around the bayou when the sky opened up and it poured something fierce. Captain George was prepared and took care of us despite the conditions. He took us to his family camp while the storm passed, he also had ponchos that we’re a savior. We got to see a couple alligators including hanging out with his temporary baby pet alligator named Gatorade. When we got back to land, Samantha was waiting in a van to take us back to where we were staying. My husband left his wallet in the van, we realized it 15 min after being dropped off. I called Samantha and she came all the way back despite the crazy Mardi Gras traffic. This along with all else is customer service at its best. I can’t say enough nice things about this tour and these amazing people. Thank you so much for everything captain George, Samantha, Carter and of course Gatorade! Keep doing what you’re doing!" ~ kritter1104

"Thanks to online reviews, we chose this tour for our bayou and swamp experience and we were not disappointed! As well as so much to see, both wildlife and human presence on the bayous - and the remaining effects of hurricane Katrina - the biggest reason to take THIS tour is the great charm and passion of Captain George. He shares his skills and knowledge with warm enthusiasm. It’s a genuinely personal tour as you hear about the family’s experiences thru Katrina and how things are still evolving in the area now, so many years later. He showed us his crabbing operation and the family fish camp, the new flood barriers, historic back channels and a winding natural bayou. We love birds and wildlife, and saw plenty as we covered a lot of different areas. George was generous with his time and experiences. He is a great people-person and clearly loves what he does. We felt that this tour offered GREAT value for what we got, and would heartily recommend it. Note: bring/wear extra layers, as it’s exposed out there in the marshes and some of the trip is fast and breezy! Also bring sunscreen, even though the boat does have an overhead shade canopy — then you’ll be fully prepared for whatever weather you get." ~ AlisonFromFareham

"Patience does pay off! After a few weeks waiting for a tour to become available, we got one at 24 hours notice. All I can say is what a truly once in a lifetime experience we had. George is an excellent story teller, regaling us not only with tales of wildlife but also land deals, crab fishing, house building and Katrina. We didn’t have the best of weather, but George’s enthusiasm kept the spirits of the boat high right until we parted company back in the French Quarter. We can’t recommend this highly enough." ~ pjhEastAnglia

"Sometimes patience really does pay off. We waited a few weeks for space on a trip to become available, and were so glad we did. A small group of 10 in total - 8 in one party and 2 in ours - were enthralled by George’s tales of being brought up in Happiness, being a crab fisherman and house builder, the ins and outs of land deals, wild boar and (of course) alligators. Even the weather only served to further bind us together as a group and remark on what, in the end, was a unique experience we’ll be dining out on for a good while yet." ~ Paul Higham

"Had a great time, and they did a great job managing our expectations. We're upfront about what we'd see this time of year before booking. Great deal which made it that much better." ~ 832gdg

"If you want to learn a lot while having fun you must take this tour. Guide was great and provided tons of information. We went on a sunny warm day, being from Indiana where it was in the 20s made it even better for our group to see the beauty of the bayou." ~ Karen McLemore

"Great 2-2.5 hour tour! Captain George had lots of stories, very animated. Holding the baby alligator was super cool. The boat really gets moving, wear some warm clothes if the temperature is below 65deg. Pants, closed toe shoes, windbreaker. Good price too!" ~ Jason Rex

"Had a great time. George was an amazing tour guide! A must" ~ Cassandra Mailloux

"Really fun. The captain/tour guide was very knowledgeable, and of course holding the baby gator made it!" ~ Madison C

"We loved that is was a small group. Captain George was great. The tour had lots of variety. Very different from other swamp tours that we have done. Would recommend it to anyone." ~ sagescrub

"Absolutely loved it. The tour lived up to the name, thanks to the captains storytelling to go along with wondrous bayou." ~ Adobi Agbasi

"George was our host, he is awesome and grew up in the area. He has excellent knowledge of the history of the surrounding areas and is a part time crab fisherman in the winter, so he knows the local fish and game very well. George was awesome, the tour was awesome, but we had a very cold, very rainy day that we weren't quite outfitted for. George loaned us his thick jacket for my 7 year old daughter to wear to keep her warm. I have nothing but praise and will be coming back when the weather is warmer." ~ Mark Coates

"My family just spent the afternoon with Captain George on the Sammie Sue II on the bayou. This tour is a must if you want to listen to a great tour guide and resident of the area who knows all about life before And after Hurricane Katrina. It’s a hidden gem of a tour. Reasonable cost and well worth it considering how much time he spends with you on the water talking about wildlife and alligators in particular. Captain George is awesome and happiness bayou tours is a winning pick." ~ Cynthia B

"Booked this tour based on the trip advisor reviews but was concerned because the price was quite low per person. My concern was misplaced and, ultimately, the value for the dollar is off the charts! You arrive at a local working marina that has many boats coming and going. All were very friendly even though I'm pretty certain we stood out like a "second thumb". Even the young man working in the fish store smiled at us and said "I'm thinkin your not from round here". On our charter was our family (3) and another young couple. Captain George, the tour guide, was a local and shared many stories with us about Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita. Incredible as it may sound, there are still a few remnants of the destruction waged by Katrina in the bayou. The tour was advertised as being 2 hours long. Captain George took us through an extra bayou to enhance our trip. The winding landscape and active wildlife was incredible. Word of warning, it was a beautiful sunny day BUT on the boat a cold wind is whipped up as you boat through the many bayous visited. If you favor museums and art galleries this is not the excursion for you BUT if you love nature, being out in the great outdoors and learning about the region it is a must do. Five stars from the McInnis family." ~ IAmDaleM

"This was one of the best things that we did in Louisiana. The Captain took us around the bayou and we saw a few gators and a wild coyote with his lunch in his mouth. Very picturesque spots and he is a great storyteller too!" ~ Kristy P

"George was the best. We really enjoyed our tour." ~ Janet Schwertner Stanbro

"Captain George was amazing! This was by far the best boat tour I have even been on. Captain was very friendly, and informing, wouldn’t have wanted anyone else." ~ Global45091898115

"Highly recommend this tour with Captain George. He provides a lot of information about the nature, local customs, and history of the place. The tour is fun for kids and adults alike. Remember to take windproof jackets as the boat is fast and it may get chilly." ~ Sergey M

"George was an amazing guide who was extremely friendly with a great sense of humour. Growing up 10 minutes from the marina, his passion was contagious and I wouldn’t have chosen another guide. He walked us through the history of the area including his personal account of Katrina. Since New Orleans was hit with a cold front just a few days prior, we weren’t able to spot any gators during the ride so George showed us his pet, Gatorade, which we got to hold and take pictures with. We did spot a small gator at the very end. With that said, it was still an amazing experience." ~ Intrepid_Explorer

"Captain George, our guide for the tour, is a local, who lives and breathes the bayou. He was super authentic, from the stories he told about surviving Hurricane Katrina, to his clear love for the bayou and its denizens. He's proud of doing things 'the right way' and making sure everyone has a good time. We didn't see any alligators, the weather is apparently too cold, so he brought out his pet baby alligator Gatorade, which was almost as good. I learned a lot about the ecosystem, the history, and the people of the bayou. More than I expected on a tour like this." ~ stevehR7849ET

"Captain George is extremely knowledgeable & knows all there is to know about the Bayou. He’s very funny & entertaining as well. He greeted us promptly with a phone call, as we arrived at Eddie Pinto’s Marina. Born & raised in Hawaii, it was an awesome experience being able to hold a baby alligator! We did the 2-hour Tour & are definitely interested in booking the full day on our next girls adventures visit! Mahalo Captin George!! 🤙🏽" ~ Flyer814407

"Had a great time. Would highly recommend this tour." ~ Michele Harmon

"Absolutely AMAZING! I recommend Captain George if you want a tour of the swamp!" ~ Payne Harmon

"We were visiting New Orleans for the first time with a group of friends. Lots of great food, partying on the strip, and sight seeing. But, this bayou tour was far and away the highlight of our vacation. First off, Captain George is awesome. He was super friendly and inviting, and he really knows his stuff. When talking with him, it never seemed like he was at work doing a job. We felt like friends, not customers. The tour was amazing. We got so close to the gators we could've touched them (Cptn. George did!). Speeding around in the boat, we also got a first hand look at the aftermath of Katrina. Having been there, George had some incredible stories that really changed my perception as an outsider. Lastly, an incredible surprise was the cherry on top and had everyone taking out their cameras. (I won't spoil it but you'll know it when you see it) I recommend this tour to anyone taking a trip to New Orleans, and will continue to do so. If you can find a way to fit it into your vacation, you will be so glad you did." ~ Rick Jarka

"If you’re looking for a bayou/swamp tour, this is the best one. It’s up close and personal. Captain George gives the locals touch and historical perspective. He gives tales of his experience of Hurricane Katrina and his childhood experiences before the devastation. His knowledge of the flora and fauna is in depth and accurate. The tour is small enough to not be crowded and get the best views. The highlight is to actually see gators up close and holding a baby gator." ~ Beverly M

"George was awesome! Very knowledgeable and very engaging. I can’t wait to get back down and do another tour with him!" ~ Zack Meade

"Awesome tour! Our guide had stories for days which made it even more interesting. His knowledge of the bayou was impressive. He even kissed an alligator 😳" ~ Ashley Brown

"I can always go to an aquarium to see a Gator, but it's much more suspenseful and fun in the WILD BAAAYYY EEE" ~ Daniel Ezerkis

"Amazing tour with captain Georges. Great fun and less crowded than those very popular tours. The boat was with about 10 people and there was no other boats around. We saw some really interesting camps affected by Katrina and captain Georges really knows the area as he grew up there and has really cool stories to tell during the trip. The place you take off from is only 20 minutes away from New Orleans so very easy to reach with a lyft or Uber." ~ Stoufy M.

"Amazing experience with captain Georges in the swamps around Chalmette! A unique experience with a very gifted captain! We were about 10 on the boat so really we felt all alone in the swamps. Quite amazing." ~ Stephanie P

"This was probably one of the greatest tours I’ve ever been on. Not only was captain George wonderful, but we were able to see a different part of Louisiana, and learn quite a bit of history. I would recommend this tour to everyone, and when I come back I plan on going again. It was excellent - if you’re on the fence - just get it - you will not regret it." ~ Katie C.

"We came for our anniversary trip from Austin, Tx and had such a great experience! The people were wonderful and the trip was very interesting!"  Patricia P.

"HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TOUR!!! Very worth the money spent. We were recently forced out of our beach house due to hurricane Michael and ended up in New Orleans. Captain George was very knowledgeable in history of the area because he is a local...really gives you an authentic feel, not the feel of a commercialized tour. Great knowledge and history of hurricane Katrina, tour felt intimate, because it was small group. Cannot say enough good things about this tour. If you book it, you will not regret it!" ~ Mindy Williams

"Captain George was awesome. He was very knowledgeable and gave very good background on the area. He made it extremely comfortable on the boat and made safety a priority. We also enjoyed our special guest." ~ LaQundia Lamar

"My friends & I had an amazing journey through the bayou! Captain George was a fantastic tour guide who took the time to show us his neighborhood and even found some gators for us to visit with. Highly, highly recommend his tour!" ~ Kerrie McLean

"Went out on the Happiness Tour with Captain George and had a great time and learned a lot about the bayous and gators. Got a lot of great pictures of a couple of gators that came up to the boat. Enjoyed seeing the gator swim with a marshmallow on top of his head. Highly recommend taking Captain George’s tour." ~ TheBecker55

"A swamp tour was a must for our first visit to NOLA. After some searching, we contacted Happiness. Our inquiries were quickly responded to, and our trip was booked. Capt. George is the greatest! His knowledge of the Bayou and the area are second to none. He kept up a running dialogue the entire trip. His stories about hurricane Katrina were great. We were able to see and give treats to an alligator. Also got to hold a young gator which George had brought along. Transportation to the marina is up to you, but it really is only a short drive. We strongly recommend Happiness Tours. Most bang for the buck! Next time we want to do the all day trip!" ~ James A


"This was an absolute blast. Captain George knows how's to create a family atmosphere and was a blast to listen to. We will be back!" "After being pushed out of our beach vacation by Hurricane Michael we decided to come to New Orleans instead of heading back to TN. What an experience it has been and it was highlighted by Happiness Bayou Tours and Captain George. He quickly accommodated out party of 7 and made this experience very fun, friendly and family oriented. I won't give too much away but I highly suggest everyone looks at this company for a family friendly experience before looking anywhere else!" ~ Miles Monhollen

"Took a Bayou Tour with Captain George and it was soooo good. The scenery was spectacular and his stories were great. We saw alligators and a water moccasin. We even got to hold a baby alligator." ~ Stephanie Greenland Parr

"Best day EVER! Captain George is amazing and I learned so much from him. About gators and rats & Katrina and the bayou. Was able to see the gators and hold a lil guy! Super Amazing " ~ Brandi Hartman

"We had a great time on the tour! We had a bit of rain coming through but George navigated well and we barely got wet! The boat is super nice and extremely well maintained. George was an awesome guide and was very engaging. I loved the authenticity of the tour and the stories he told. I highly recommend going on this tour if you have the chance. We got to see some gators and learned a lot about the bayou. It was a great value and I will forever have great memories!" ~ Raven Remlein

"This tour was well worth every penny for my friends and I. The tour guide was extremely nice and knowledgeable about the surrounding areas, and I and my friends felt perfectly safe and secure. I would recommend getting out of the city for a while and simply enjoy the sights and sounds of New Orleans nature and wildlife on the comfort of a boat with the wind ripping through your hair!!! You won't be disappointed!!!" ~ 582whitneyv

"We were in NOLA and really wanted to do a boat tour at short notice. After reading reviews on ‘Happiness’ we called up and left a message saying that if possible we’d like to do the 12:30 tour that day. Got an immediate response advising us that this tour wasn’t running but if we were prepared to make the minimum $100 payment (usually $25/head) then they would put it on for us. We were happy to agree to that. VERY glad we did. Arrived a little early and met Captain George giving the boat a wash down in preparation. Headed straight out and what a knowledgeable, enthusiastic and generally nice guy George is. He clearly loves his work and there being just the two of us made it even more special. Quite something to visit right where the levee breached with Katrina and to see the devastation it caused out on the canals/bayou. Appreciate the ‘before and after’ defences and flood gates. Tour also included visiting some really quiet out of the way bayou sections, seeing the wildlife. Seeing how comfortable George is luring a gator upclose and personal, resulting in him gently lifting the head of a 7-8 ft gator out of the water to plant a kiss on his snout was a sight that will stay with me for a very long time.... If you’re thinking of doing a tour like this I can not recommend George enough. It may be tempting to go with a bigger outfit that will arrange hotel pickup but if there’s at least two of you the cost of an Uber is reasonable (we had a rental car) and you’ll get a great experience!" ~ TWPaul

"Best day EVER! Captain George is amazing and I learned so much from him. About gators and rats & Katrina and the bayou. Was able to see the gators and hold a lil guy! Super Amazing " ~ Brandi Hartman

"The tour guide George was really friendly and informative and we really enjoyed the tour could not fault in any way had a great day at the swamp tour and will most definitely be back!! Was great to see the alligators up close !!" ~ Tara M

"Do yourself a favor and let George show you the bayou in all its beauty. Pictures can't do the trip justice, you just gotta get on the water and experience it yourself. This was hands down the best part of our trip; a memory etched on our minds in perpetuity." ~ Austin Gregg

"Happiness Bayou Tours may be a smaller company, but it's one of the best! It's reasonably priced at $25/person and worth every penny. Captain George took us out (he was constantly checking his phone as the skies were very threatening) and we had an amazing time. He tells you about his experiences with Hurricane Katrina and how things have changed since then. He found us a large alligator that we got to see pretty up close and personal. And then we got to hold baby Gatorade! My group all really enjoyed this tour. It's more REAL than the other commercial tours available. Check it out!" ~ Andrea W

"If you want to tour the bayou and gain some knowledge about it be sure to get on a boat with captain George. He tells great (personal) stories about life on the bayou and hurricane Katrina. He also got us up and close with live alligators which was really exciting. We had great fun!" ~ Marco H

"Had a great time. The Captain was entertaining, informative and made sure we had a great tour. Would recommend 100%." ~ skcarpenter

"My first tour while in New Orleans and can honestly say I would do it all over again in my next visit! Captain George was amazing telling us his experiences and stories from hurricane katrina and can tell he loves everything about the bayou & the gators! Would definitely recommend! We travelled from Scotland and loved every minute of it! Brilliant tour!" ~ Sharyn Ward


"We had such a great time with Captain George!!! He was so knowledgeable and incredibly friendly!!! It felt like he was an old friend. He even hooked up some bug spray to ward off the mosquitos while we waited for our cab! Thank you George for a memorable experience on the bayou." ~ Amanda Verdugo Riggs

"This tour was hands down the highlight of our trip to New Orleans. We had originally booked a tour with a larger more commercial company only to have them cancel on us the night before. Luckily Happiness Bayou Tours was recommended to us by our server at dinner, and we couldn't have been happier. The price was a fraction of the tour we had booked prior, and the tour itself was so fun and also educational. Captain George is super knowledgeable and personable!! You also get to hold a baby gator! I would give Captain George ten stars if I could!" ~ Kristin S

"We booked the 2 hour private tour for a birthday party. Captain George was impressive with his stories and knowledge sharing. He went out of his way to make sure we had a good time. Highly recommended!" ~ Brandon R

"Our guide was fantastic. He was so informative and entertaining." ~ Barb Overbeck-Sanders

"Amazing day. Our tour guide George was an absolute gem. He has lived in the Bayou his entire life, survived the hurricane, and he tells the greatest stories! We couldn’t have asked for a better and more authentic experience for our group. Bourbon street was ok...basically a bunch of drunk people and the smell of stale beer. If you REALLY want to experience New Orleans, then go on this tour and be sure you ask for George as your tour guide! The name “Happiness” is perfect. You will really get a feel for the genuine love for this area that the people here have." ~ Matt Morrow

"By far the most memorable day on our 4 week tour through the US ! We booked the private full day tour and that was the best decision ever. Before this day we did an airboat tour in the everglades which doesn't even remotely get close to this ! Captain George, his wife Samantha and helping hand Bubba made this the most fantastic day you could think of. We were treated like family and to be honest they now actually feel like they are.They are genuinely kind and loving people who care about the Bayou life ! The private day tour consists of crabbing, relaxing and touring the Bayou. We caught a lot of crab which made for an incredible lunch ! The lunch alone, with the amount of fresh crab we ate, already justifies the price of the entire day. Captain George's knowledge of the Bayou is incredible and he seems one with his surroundings. Our two teenagers, who are notoriously difficult to please, absolutely loved it too. I have no more superlatives left to describe this day. When in doubt about the price....don't !!! It is worth far more than that. We will definitely be back again." ~ Frank_van_Waveren

"I’m weary of pretty much anything that isn’t on land but my wife really wanted to do this tour so i pulled my big girl panties up and went. The captain was fantastic! He explained how safe and almost unsinkable the boat was. He was very personable and so passionate about the gators and the bayou. You can just really tell he genuinely enjoys what he does. He went over some history of the bayou both prior and after Katrina. The gators were a sight to be seen...he was knowledgeable about all things gator. We got to see a few along with his pet. Would totally do this again or A Day on the Bayou." ~ Tina_L87

"Captain George is AWESOME!!! If you’re looking for a great swamp tour THIS is it! Skip the big commercial operations." ~ Holly Kay Doughty

"Truly enjoyed the authentic and intimate tour with capt. George through the bayou and seeing the beautiful land and animals. Would do it again in a heartbeat!!" ~ Melissa Guidry

"Great guide and awesome time!! Definitely recommend if looking for a great gator tour!!" ~ Susan Watkins


"Captain George was a very knowledgeable tour guide who not only gave us a fun time on the bayou but provided us with a deeper sense of life on the water especially in context of pre/post Katrina. I would highly recommend booking a cruise." ~ Carissa B

"This was an awesome tour that I would highly recommend. Captain George was super informative! Please do it, you’ll enjoy. Definitely worth the money." ~ Abrionna H.

"The bayou is an amazing place...George & Samantha made it even better! Customer service was spot on and very accommodating. The information we learned about Katrina and her devastating effects, facts about alligators and hunters and just being out where you never thought possible made our experience A+++!" ~ Stephany N.

"My family and I had a wonderful time! Our guide was quite knowledgeable, patient and funny. I would definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone!" ~ Kenneth R

"Went on the morning tour yesterday and it was amazing! So much fun and informative at the same time. Captain George was great, sharing stories and information from hurricane Katrina to alligators to facts about southern living. Definitely recommend!!!! Thank you so much happiness bayou tours for the great experience and giving us a highlight of our trip!" ~ Elizabeth M.

"Cap'n George is amazing!!! He is chock full of information. Not just piddly facts, he gives you the real, honest local point of view. The boat is clean and comfortable. Our first bayou tour and we were NOT disappointed. 10 out of 10 will be returning!" ~ Jennifer Hoefner

"Best Tour Ever... we’ve been telling everyone about the tour as it was a couple hours of intimate information regarding the Mississippi Bayou, the Animals, the terrain, the history, it was amazing! We heard air boats were the tour to take but I believe the universe Guided is to Happiness Bayou Tours for a Special Reason. This wasn’t just any tour it held an Intimacy and Love for the land, unity of the people and I give these tours 10 ⭐️’s" ~ Stephanie Smith

"What a fun and entertaining day we had on the water with George and Mother Nature!! We learned so much about the area, the destruction from Katrina to NOLA and if I never see a Banana Spider got the rest of my life...I’ll be happy!! Thanks for the great day!" ~ The Noel Family, Rehoboth Beach, DE

"Best tour I've ever been on. The captain was very knowledgeable & friendly. We took our kids 14 & 16, they loved it as well." ~ Travis N April R.

"We had such an incredible experience thanks to Captain George! It was so special to hear his personal stories and all six of us are still talking about every moment of the tour. From gorgeous waters to wildlife to tragic remnants from Hurricane Katrina; the entire tour was action-packed and fun-filled. Thanks Captain George and thanks to Happiness Bayou Tours for making the whole process simple and enjoyable." ~ Mary Laughlin-Viers

"We had a great time with Captain George! His stories of growing up in the bayou gave us a sense of the history there. He was a knowledgeable guide and a really fun guy. We really enjoyed our time with him and the ride was great too!" ~ Rebecca Wade Robert

"Took a tour with my wife and 2 of the girls and absolutely loved it! Captain George went out of his way to make sure we enjoyed our tour. We saw amazing scenery, Gators and more! We also really enjoyed the personal stories and history that Captain George shared. We highly recommend this tour and it's so much less expensive than some of the others we reviewed plus you don't have to wear the annoying ear protection because his boat is quiet. Thank you!"  jimrobert100

"Captain George was amazing. So lively and fun. Made my birthday such a wonderful experience for me and all of my friends!!! Thank you!!" ~ Ella R.

"This tour was great. George was an awesome tour guide. My group had a lot of fun" ~ Martia M.

"Capt. George makes sure the trip is well worth the visit. The staff is completely friendly and very welcoming. Authentic locals, so the knowledge of the history is certainly unrivaled. A must “visit “ if you want to see the bayou and a gator!" ~ Jennifer A.

"We were a group of eight visiting NOLA for a bachelorette party weekend and Captain George made sure to keep entertaining us throughout the tour. We did end up stranded for sometime due to a thunderstorm at his place, but that’s fine! He kept us comfortable and made sure our safety was priority. Definitely recommend booking his tour!" ~ Kathryn Jean Goehring

"My friends and I toured with captain George yesterday afternoon and it was the highlight of our trip. We had a great time and learned a lot about the history of the bayou and New Orleans. I highly recommend!" ~ Yanet Mimita Amanuel


"Hands down the best part of our trip down to New Orleans. Captain George was awesome. Local man doing what he loves. I highly recommend his tours, I will be using his company again on my next visit down!" ~ Heather O

"Captain George definitely impressed us with his knowledge and stories of the docks and history of the bayou. He was very informative and the fact that he experienced Hurricane Katrina itself shows in the way he tells his stories. A must-experience if coming out to New Orleans! Will definitely be taking the tour again!" ~ Modesto C

"My family went on this tour Friday sunset and we were not disappointed! captain George knows everything about this area and we learned a lot about the people, the invasive species, and life before and after Katrina. Plus, being from Mobile, alligators are not a novelty, but he is an alligator whisperer. They love him. Great pics and a perfect evening." ~ Caitlin Oestreich

"My family went on this tour Friday sunset and we were not disappointed! captain George knows everything about this area and we learned a lot about the people, the invasive species, and life before and after Katrina. Plus, being from Mobile, alligators are not a novelty, but he is an alligator whisperer. They love him. Great pics and a perfect evening." ~ Mary Anne Brutkiewicz

"We had a great time with Captain George in this beautiful bayou. Native of the surroundings, he knows this bayou like his pocket and made us discover all the stories and facts relating to this beautiful place. We had the opportunity to see alligators, wild pigs, various birds and big spiders. The kids loved it. I recommend !" ~ mrik, Bern, Switzerland

"I can’t recommend this enough. What a wonderful experience for my family. Everything about it was just so genuine. Look at those smiles - thank you for ending our family vacation on such a high note!" ~ April B

"Captain George was awesome! As a guide, he was really informative and the boat ride was very exciting.  We learned a lot about Hurricane Katrina and the creatures of the bayou up close and personal. It's also only a 20 min. drive south of New Orleans. So, if you're looking for something to do in New Orleans, other than the French Quarter , and you really want to create that unique family memory, I highly recommend this tour.  You wont regret it." ~ Derrick L.

"Tremendous tour! Learned a lot but had fun while doing it. As a teacher that’s a skilled balance to maintain. Take this tour you won’t regret it!" ~ Dan Shaffer

"What an absolutely amazing tour of the bayou. Truly only 15 minutes from the French Quarter. Captain George has so much knowledge of the bayou and is willing to share all of it with you! He is the most down to earth and personable guy out there, full of information and passion. We learned so much about New Orleans and the bayou that surrounds the city. Also, a great amount of history is incorporated into the tour. Spanning from Katrina to history of the bayou and how it got to the point it is today. This is by far the best tour I’ve ever been on and can’t wait to come back next time I’m in New Orleans. Don’t waste your money of the commercialized tours. This is the one you want to go on. You will be left with memories that will last a lifetime!" ~ Brady Couchman

"When I was looking for a last minute swamp tour I couldn’t decide which one to go with. I’m so glad I booked our group with Captain George and Happiness Bayou Tours! Captain George was very knowledgeable and down to earth. He was born and raised in the area so he knows what he’s doing. He made sure we all had a great time by explaining everything to us and used a lot of his personal stories to engage us. Also if we had any questions he would always answer them for us. It was an awesome experience since we got to see the old levees that were built before hurricane Katrina and the new ones that were built after, his family camp on the bayou, swamp critters like crabs and spiders, and we got to see alligators and even held his baby gator Gatorade. I would totally recommend Captain George and Happiness Bayou Tours in a heartbeat!" ~ May Tong Y

"My family of 12 ages 4-72 took this tour. One of the best ever. Capt George has grown up in the area and knows it so well. Every one of us thoroughly enjoyed our time with him. Thanks Capt. George from your Illinois friends." ~ Susan Capranica Tucker

"Captain George was great. Down to earth and knowledgeable. This tour is an experience and not a dime a dozen "touristy" tour. We researched a lot of well known companies and decided to go with Happiness Bayou... did not disappoint. This felt more like hanging out with your friend than the tour companies that try to squeeze every dollar out of you. Highly recommend." ~ Kimo G

"Captain George was great! Very knowledgeable and friendly! Thanks for all the info and a really nice tour." ~ Aaron Greenberg

"Authentic bayou tour experience! Very knowledgeable local captain and great people to meet. It's a must visit!" ~ Darnell Jennings

"Simply fantastic. Capt George was fun, interesting and extremely knowledgeable. The tour was great! A must if you are coming to NOLA." ~ Tim C

"Today we went out with captain George and his wonderful boat trip to the bayou. If you want the real story, no pre-rehearsed artificial alligators and the the real look what hurricane Katrina did to nature, it’s people and the environment get out with captain George! He has a lot of REAL stories, makes you look to nature in a good way and educates you and your family About gators etc. and take the best pictures from his boat. Best price, closest to the centre of New Orleans and please get in contact with George on the mail to book a complete day with him. Unfortunately we were here too short but next time we’ll sign up. Absolute excellent value for money!" ~ 1973Pierre

"Capt. George makes sure the trip is well worth the visit. The staff is completely friendly and very welcoming. Authentic locals, so the knowledge of the history is certainly unrivaled. A must “visit “ if you want to see the bayou and a gator!" ~ Jennifer A.

"If you come to NOLA and don’t take this tour, you’re missing out. George was awesome. He really knows his stuff. We learned about so much more than just alligators." ~ bfamily718

"This tour is a must do! We had an amazing and educational experience. The bayou was beautiful and we got to learn so much about the area. Would definitely recommend and would likely do it again!"

"What an amazing experience! Captain George was very knowledgeable about the bayou and the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Highly recommend this tour" ~ Starla B.

"Captain George was such a down to Earth guy with such interesting stories about his life long home, New Orleans. He was literally hands on with the alligators and it was the coolest thing to experience!" ~ Alexandra I.

"George was fantastic! The whole tour just felt so authenticate as this is his way of life and where he was raised-he’s very informative about the history of the area and the devastating affects of Katrina. Highly recommend that you take this tour ran by these really good folks!" ~ Rebecca G.

"By far the coolest tour we had on our trip to NOLA. It was personal and professional. The history of the area was exciting and kept us engaged the entire time. Captain George has deep roots to the bayou which enhanced the experience. He knows where the gators are and even caught one. The entire family enjoyed it. The kids even got to hold one. I cannot speak highly enough about this tour. You will enjoy every minute of it." ~ Chris Moffett

"I had a blast. Captain George is awesome. I have already told everyone I know and will definitely suggest this to anyone who will be visiting New Orleans. Can't wait to go back." ~ Leigh Dubose

"Happiness bayou tours are so much fun. Do not visit NOLA without going on this tour. Captain George is so much fun and interactive with the passengers. And he has so much knowledge about the area in the past future and present. I grew up here and didn't know half of what he did. It was awesome!!!!" ~ Dawn O.

"Captain George gave us the most authentic bayou tour, taking us to his very backyard - could not have asked for a better tour!!! This was the highlight of the whole trip hands down, and I would recommend it to anyone. It's a little outside of New Orleans (only a 20 minute ride) which made it more interesting to get out of the fully commercial scene. Saw several alligators and the beautiful bayou. Thanks George!" ~ Patricia Y

"Cap George and his awesome first mate Carter (his young son) were the best bayou guides we could ever hope for. We learned so much about local history, alligators, and the bayou all while having a blast!! Loved seeing and holding a baby alligator. George is the real deal and his informative and authentic tour is not to be missed. Forget those other high traffic outfits and go visit the Cap (and Carter of course)!" ~ Nancy N

"Yes, I'm about to heap more praise on Captain George! He was wonderful and welcoming, as well as having a wealth of information about the area that we toured. His passion was genuine and his enthusiasm was infectious. His stories of Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath were heartfelt and candid and gave us all perspective as we toured the affected areas. Despite the destruction we observed, the bayou was full of beauty and wonder and we were all in awe of the nature surrounding us. Captain George and Gatorade (our resident baby gator) will be forever synonymous with Happiness Bayou Tours for me. I can't wait to get back to NOLA again just to go on another of his tours." ~ lotrfanjax

"My kids and I had a blast on the tour.  We learned a lot about the impact Hurricane Katrina had on the bayou and saw loads of gators.  Captain George was great with the kids and passionate about New Orleans!  I would definitely recommend it!" ~ Anna D.

"Cannot say enough good things about this place.  The depth of knowledge Captain George has, combined with his genuine personality, really made this experience memorable.  We came to see the gators, but we'd come back just to hear more of what you have to share Captain!  Thanks again!" ~ Stacey Harris

"My fiancé and her sisters and some friends and I went on a tour yesterday with Captain George and Carter and it was the most amazing experience that I've had so far while visiting New Orleans. We came from Indianapolis and Atlanta and it was very much worth the time and money. George was extremely knowledgeable and courteous. His stories were amazing and his passion to educate about the area is evident. Will recommend anyone I know to try the tour." ~ Jus Will King III

"Thank you Capt. George for making my first experience on the bayou a memorable one. The depth of knowledge you possess, the compassion you show for the gators and your overall presentation was worth well more than the cost. You've reaffirmed my belief that small businesses provide the best experiences. Can't wait to come again. Best of luck to you and Carter!!" ~ Shavene M.

"Absolutely awesome experience. Learned so much about the me area and saw some cool gators! Best thing we did in NOLA, Captain George was amazing and the booking process was super easy too! Highly recommend!!" ~ Kate M

"This was my first swamp tour not on an airboat and I would choose this tour over the previous every time.  Everything about this experience was perfect.  Captain George is the real deal and the absolute best guide!" ~ Shelby McElwain

"We had such an amazing time on our Bayou tour! Captain George's amazing stories and knowledge of the bayou was an amazing experience. From the gators coming straight up to the boat, to an anatomy lesson of a gator, to having a mullet fish jump straight into our boat! I highly recommend you go to Happiness Bayou tours. You will not be disappointed." ~ Kelsey T

"Captain George was AMAZING! We had such a good time and could not have asked for better weather! He was the best! My friends and I had a blast and would definitely recommend to anyone interested on seeing the bayou or just being on the water!" ~ Peggy P

"Loved it.. George did a wonderful job. He made sure we saw some gators! It was never a dull moment." ~ Lydia Leavy Stall

"Did this with a group of friends when we were visiting New Orleans for a convention, was so awesome! Seeing gators was really cool, but seeing the Bayou, learning about the history of the area and really feeling that impact that Katrina had was amazing. And Captain George was awesome!" ~ kafink2

"From seeing the impact of Katrina on the Bayou campsites, to seeing gators in the wild, this was definitely the highlight of my trip to the New Orleans area! The tour guide even had a baby alligator which he let us hold. This is a must-do activity if you're in the area!" ~ Ryan C

"Captain George was the best captain ever! I had a wonderful time from the time we took off until we returned!" ~ Monee Ware

"Omg!!!! The best bayou tour EVER!! Captain George and Carter were ahh-MAziNG!!! VERY knowledgeable and i gathered so much info today to take bk and share with others!! Very kind from beginning to end!! Got to become friends with 2 big size gators ... I would suggest Capt George and Carter any time!!! Go chk them out!! Definitely going back!!" ~ Alicia Early

"This has got to be the best rated “Things to Do” I’ve ever seen on Trip Advisor and deservedly so. Captain George was either an incredible actor or the real deal - I’m sticking with the latter, an authentic bayou local who knew the area extremely well, a personal perspective on Katrina’s impact, the environmental impact from other factors, both natural and many-made, and wildlife of the area. A perfect combination of recent history, bayou life, nature, alligator encounters, humor, and a great boat ride, the four of us (2 adults and 2 teens) had a great time. With every penny, a great deal. I’ll repeat others - “genuine”!" ~ MDfromMD

"Captain George is a native, and it certainly came through on our Bayou tour. After surviving Katrina in the Bayou, he was willing to share his chilling personal experiences and those of his family friends. He also shared life on the Bayou, and efforts to rebuild after Katrina/Rita disaster. And,then there were the 'Gators. While in summer they can be elusive, Captain George meandered through the waters to not only find them, but attract then to the boat for excellent photos. All in all, an excellent tour." ~ MDCinMV

"My family went on a tour with Captain George and Carter this morning. It was absolutely amazing! Not only was Capt. George friendly and knowledgeable, but he ensured we got to hear more about the topics we were especially interested in and gave us a fabulous first experience in the bayou. We got to see so many alligators, including a huge one we got to see that game right up to the boat. And we got to hold a baby gator. Will absolutely be recommending to everyone!" ~ Kelly Wells

"Such a great tour for any occasion, we went for a bachelorette party and had an amazing time. The tour is beautiful! You get some amazing sights and pictures. George was awesome, very informative and you can tell where his heart and soul is. I highly recommend this tour. I for sure will be on another." ~ Jessica Chaffee

"Went for my sister’s bachelorette and it was AMAZING!!!! Such a great time!!!! Thanks George!!" ~ Cortney Petrich

"My bachelorette party went onto a tour and we had an absolute blast! I love that the tour is so personal and that the information was so full of emotion coming from George and his side kick Carter that live there! This is their “backyard” and it’s all true and factual information and you can hear and feel he is passionate about everything he is telling you!!!! I will most definitely be back!!!!" ~ Kayla Petrich

"Captain George made the tour so interesting! From telling his personal stories of Hurricane Katrina to the changes in the bayou, there was never a dull moment. He even introduced the kids to the resident wild boar and rooster before the boat tour. We saw more gators than I ever expected and the kids were even able to hold a little gator. It was one of the best things we did on our trip! Highly recommended." ~ Sherry K.

"Can't say enough about this man and his tour! What a great time. The word that comes to mind is genuine. Capt George was informative without being redundant,was more like a friendly neighbor taking us on a trip versus a tour. He made us feel comfortable and safe. May you and your family have success and happiness thank you sir look forward to another trip down here." ~ Don W.

"We had an amazing time today!!" ~ Kate M.

"Captain George was informative and the trip was amazing!!!" ~ Christine B.

"Captain George was awesome!!! The Tour was amazing!!" ~ Star Bellinger

"Captain George is amazing! I went on the evening tour with a group for a bachelorette party. We had a full boat and everyone from our group had an amazing time. His son came along too, and his wife drove us back to our AirBnB. It's a real family affair! You can tell he really loves his work and the gators. It felt like a fun informative trip given by a true bayou-lover, rather than a touristy exploitation of the animals for entertainment. He brought along a baby alligator named Gatorade (lol) and showed us the proper way to hold him so it was safest and most comfortable for us and the alligator.  He also has a camp right there on the water so he had great stories to share about the people who live there and what it was like before Hurricane Katrina—and he shared his personal Katrina story, which was really incredible. It was my first time to Louisiana and to get a first-hand look at the aftermath of the storm this many years later was really amazing—and he did it all with such a great attitude and openness.  I highly recommend Captain George and the Happiness Bayou Tour!" ~ Anna Woodward

"Had a blast! George was great!! A must!I loved seeing the alligators and the little community on the bayou!" ~ Alexis R

"Loved the tour with George! He told the best stories and we had so much fun. I held a baby gator!! He clearly knows his stuff and has been out there is whole life. We went for a bachelorette but recommend for anyone. This is a must when in NOLA." ~ Kirsten M

"Simple and sun! Always wanted to do a alligator tour. Really enjoyed the ride, nature and captain George. He really knew his stuff about the swamp where he was born and raised. Perfect for an evening cruise in LA." ~ Adam S

"Thank you so much this was an amazing tour! We all had a great time! And so much more than we expected. Great tour guide." ~ the_yanyan

"Best bayou tour! We did this for a bachelorette weekend and it was so fun. Many stories told, lots of laughter, and all questions answered. I would take anyone on this whenever I visit!!" ~ Danielle Elisabeth Stringer

"I went on a bachelorette party to here a few weeks ago and it was an incredible experience!! It is definitely something you don’t want to miss out on plus the hospitality from captain George was AMAZING! He was very kind and has lots of knowledge on what he does for a living. So so cool to see what we saw that day on the bayou. HIGHLY recommend!!!" ~ Mariah Isaacs

"My boyfriend and I went on a tour yesterday with captain George and we can’t get over how fun and amazing it was! He had so much knowledge to share. You could tell he really respected the water and animals. His personal stories of Hurricane Katrina really put everything into perspective. He was extremely fairly priced as well. Can not recommend him enough!!" ~ Stevie Sanchez


"We were on this tour yesterday for a bachelorette party! Best tour and tour guide! I highly recommend." ~ Susan Wynne Kearbey

"Captain George was amazing! He knew so much and is a great story teller. He answered all our questions and told us some of the history of the bayou. I would absolutely recommend going on one of his tours. Plus the alligators were adorable." ~ NikkiRose3319

"Captain George made the tour so interesting! From telling his personal stories of Hurricane Katrina to the changes in the bayou, there was never a dull moment. He even introduced the kids to the resident wild boar and rooster before the boat tour. We saw more gators than I ever expected and the kids were even able to hold a little gator. It was one of the best things we did on our trip! Highly recommended." ~ skingmilwaukee

"Captain George was by far the best tour guide I’ve ever had! We went on several tours while in New Orleans, but his was better than all of the others combined! We went out on the bayou and got to see several alligators, and even had a couple of them approach the boat! We got to hold a baby gator, which was awesome! He even showed us where his family camp is located (in Happiness Bayou) and that made me feel right at home. We had an incredible time and will DEFINITELY be back with more people soon!!!" ~ Jeff Bilbrey

"Thoroughly enjoyed my experience. Went on the tour because a friend wanted to go and had not planned to enjoy myself. Within the first 30 minutes of the tour I was having a blast. Captain George was an amazing guide. He waited for us even though he didn't have to, showed us different areas before we made it to the swamp, and recommended great restaurants in the area (Crave has AMAZING food). I highly recommend Happiness Bayou and I will definitely be returning the next time I'm in Louisiana." ~ Dineca W.

"This tour was the highlight of our trip to New Orleans! Captain George is an expert on the bayou -- he's fun, friendly, and informative. And the boat ride was exciting and scenic! Highly recommended" ~ Chris M

"Captain George is hands down the best tour guide of the bayou. He is extremely personable and accommodating. We enjoyed seeing the alligators and holding baby alligator Gatorade, but the best part was learning so much from Captain George about life on the bayou. He shows you the effect that Hurricane Katrina had on the bayou camps and hearing his story of survival during the hurricane is amazing. You and your family will be telling all of your friends back home all about this bayou tour when you return from your vacation!" ~ ch123163

"We had a blast! George is so knowledgeable and friendly- answered all our questions. If you’re looking for a bayou tour this one is perfect!" ~ Emily Sausedo

"George was an amazing tour guide! Very knowledgeable and personable! We’re from Pennsylvania and Missouri and will most definitely be referring all of our friends to Happiness Bayou Tours!" ~ Brittany Ann

"EXCELLENT!!! If there is one thing to do while you are on vacation in New Orleans, go on T H I S Bayou Tour! Capt. George is extremely knowledgeable regarding the history and the wildlife of the bayou. I love the fact that not only is he born and raised there, but he simply loves what he does. You can tell he is very proud of his home. Thank you for such a wonderful experience. It was our favorite part of the trip!" ~ Jennifer C

"Stopped in with 5 of my friends for a Friday afternoon tour and had one of the most memorable adventures I’ve ever experienced! Cap’n George proved to be a very skilled helmsman with extensive knowledge of the bayou and a wealth of experience in handling the gators. Not only do I highly recommend this experience, I will make it a point to return for a follow up adventure the next time I visit the Big Easy. Thanks George, for such an awesome experience!" ~ Josuervo47

"This tour was recommended by a friend and we couldn't have been happier. Captain George was a great, informative guide. Our family had a great time and would recommend this company." ~ Christine G

"Absolutely LOVED the experience! Extremely memorable experience and fantastic value for my dollars. Will definitely return the next time I’m in the area." ~ Josef Bauschka

"Highly recommended! Great Tour Guide! Would for sure go again!" ~ Michael Corcoran

"George is an awesome captain who has a passion for the Bayou! Highly recommend taking this tour with George!"  Sunny P

"Great experience! You will not regret this authentic bayou tour with Captain George. He is the real deal! He was very knowledgeable and passionate about his bayou and the nature that lives there. He went through the devastation that Happiness Bayou endured along with his firsthand experience during hurricane Katrina. He was very kind and answered any questions we had. He was educated in all things alligator. He gave the group info on the life and anatomy of an alligator. We were able to hold his pet alligator (Gatoraide) and get a group picture for memory. Along the ride he pointed out small gators and wildlife. He also called one of the bigger gators over but the waters were a little high the day we went out so no big gators were seen that day. Captain George is like a long lost relative you wish you could visit more often. If we ever find ourselves in this area again we will without hesitation book another ride out to Happiness Bayou." ~ JB W


"The tour was amazing yesterday and please thank George for waiting for us! I’m not usually late for anything so I sincerely appreciate it! I also just have to say how amazing George was with all the kids, but especially my youngest. Colton is autistic and is very inquisitive of things that are of interest to him... like crocs. ;) He asked many questions yesterday and George was very patient with him. Even the guys at the shop when we were done-Colton had so many questions about shrimp and they answered them all and even let him hold a shrimp. Just amazing. Thank you all!" ~ Hillary Zemke

"Such a great experience! Captain George is phenomenal and this is one of my favorite things to do when i'm in New Orleans. I love this tour and Captain George makes sure to make it unique each time and feel familiar even to visitors and tourists. Next time I'm in New Orleans I'll be stopping by again!" ~ Kamran Ali

"Forget those crowded, overpriced, sanitized big company tours. Drive a little off the beaten path and take a Happiness Bayou Tour instead.  Captain George is the real deal, born and raised on the Bayou. This is a small family business run out of Eddie Pinto's Marina 2651 Paris Rd, New Orleans, LA. 70129.  We had some trouble finding it but I called them and Samantha talked me right in. She even emailed detailed directions including Captain George's cell phone number. Upon arriving they let us know that one other party in our group was running late but no worries, we would still get the full 2+ hour tour.  In the mean time, George introduced my kids to some their pets they keep at the marina.  They have a rooster, two dogs, three cats, and my kids favorite the piglet. He told the kids every animal's name and even fed the animals to ensure they would hang around a while. The boat only holds 12 people, so every tour is personal.  The accommodations are simple, but comfortable.  Once we got underway, George had no problem showing us how fast his boat could go or how tightly it could turn.  The kids had a blast on the ride. He pointed out all of the wildlife as well as other sights such as the hunting camps and flood walls.  He told us the story behind the land and who has controlled it over the years.  All very interesting!  George doesn't just know what's out there.  He knows why it's there and even who put it there. His detailed knowledge of the area is amazing.  Since the weather was calm we even got to take a trip through the flood gates outside the flood wall.  Once we got to the quieter smaller part of the Bayou we went gator hunting. We saw several small gators and George was able to get one to come right up to our boat. It got close enough for George to attempt to catch it by hand!  That little gator narrowly escaped, but I appreciate George's effort. At one point on the tour George surprised us all with his very own baby gator.  Everyone got a chance to hold it and take pictures.  And by the way, nobody is trying to squeeze extra money out of you for pics with the gator.  We were all free to take as many photos as we wanted. Unfortunately we weren't able to find any REALLY big gators, but it wasn't for lack of trying. This is real nature, not a zoo, so things don't always go as planned. Throughout the entire tour, Captain George was full of informative stories about growing up on the Bayou, the hunting camps, crab trapping, alligator behavior, alligator anatomy, alligator hunting, alligator farming, logging, floods, Hurricane Katrina, who owns what land, how the land is used, pig hunting, swamp rat bounties...on and on and on.  If felt we got MUCH more than our money's worth on this tour and tipped generously. I recommend you do the same and support this excellent family business." ~ Jefftberg1

"In Louisiana for the holiday and wanted to do something fun. Happened upon Happiness Bayou Tours and had a memorable time with the family. Scheduling the trip was easy, Ms. Samantha is great. From start to finish, we enjoyed the trip. Captain George was excellent. He shared information about industry, wildlife, culture, seasonal patterns and more. It is very beautiful. We encountered some local fisherman, checking on crab traps and others just fishing with their family. Each time, the Captain gave a wave and got a warm response. We took a lot a pictures and will be able to share memories for years to come. I would definitely recommend Captain George and Happiness Bayou Tours." ~ Omar Tyre

"My family LOVED this tour and George. We had an amazing time and really enjoyed all the sights and heartfelt stories. The personal touch to this tour was an unexpected and added bonus. The only thing I regret is booking this as the 1st outing on our vacation because nothing else on our trip has lived up to this experience! Thank you!!" ~ Lori S

"Best part of my vacation! Captain George was very knowledgeable and entertaining. This is a must do while you’re in NOLA! Had so much fun!" ~ Katie Marvin

"Captain George is great! I had such a great time on the tour and he was so easy to talk to! He knew so much about the bayou and honestly made it so interesting! He showed us the flood walls and told us a lot about the history of this bayou! Highly recommended to everyone who visits NOLA" ~ Michelle Lynn Eng

"Awesome tour!!! George was a great tour guide that had so much to tell us about the history of the area and Hurricane Katrina! He kept us entertained the whole time! Great guy and great business!" ~ Kassidy Truckenbrod

"Yesterday we went on a tour with George. It was absolutely AMAZING from start to finish!!! George was very personable, knowledgeable, and all around fantastic tour guide! Not only were we looking for gators, but we got to learn about the area's history, Hurricane Katrina, and the bayou. We left with a newfound respect and appreciation for the bayou and all agreed it was our favorite day and tour in New Orleans! Many thanks to George and we can't wait to sport our awesome t-shirts back home!" ~ Erin Wallace

"Captain George was the best! He is very knowledgeable and shared a lot of information about the Bayou and Hurricane Katrina. The bayou was beautiful! He was able to draw in an alligator and had a baby alligator for us to hold. My 2 year old enjoyed holding the alligator." ~ piolanies

"Captain George is an amazing captain tour guide. Would highly recommend this tour. Learned a lot about the history and the entire area. Great time! Thank you. Will definitely do this tour again." ~ Andrew Amann

"One of the best experiences of our entire vacation. Would HIGHLY RECOMMEND to EVERYONE!!!" ~ Chris C

"Our group of 11 was in NOLA for a long weekend and booked the tour a couple of weeks in advance. I wish I could put into words the amazement of all of us, but I can't. Just know, George knows what he's doing. He spent the tour telling us stories about the locals and all that happened after Katrina while making sure we were safe and having fun." ~ Fahreta L

"We had a fantastic time! It was great to break away from the city and really get to see the beautiful wildlife NOLA has to offer. Captain George was a wonderful guide! Very informative and sweet individual. Very knowledgable and personable. Wish we were able to see more alligators but we still got to see a few and we are very thankful for that. Over all a blast! Definitely recommend." ~ Melissa S

"If you have the chance, this tour with George is a MUST!! You WILL NOT be disappointed! This was our first time bringing our kids down to New Orleans so we opted for a swamp tour. We learned alot from George regarding the area and alligators. The kids had a BLAST! (so did the parents). I'm very glad I found Happiness Bayou Tours. It will be on our bucket list every time we come to New Orleans! Thank you George and we all loved meeting Gatorade." ~ Nancy Tindall Mellick

"We went on tour with captain George and it was an amazing experience. We got to see some alligators and also got to hold a baby alligator. I highly recommend." ~ Christy Saloum

"The entire trip was awesome. An easy 15 minute drive from downtown. Captain George was a wealth of knowledge and the trip never had a dull moment. Definitely a must if you come to New Orleans." ~ James V

"Captain was great, beautiful tour.  Such interesting information on the history of the area.  Gators were up close, so much fun! I would definitely recommend this tour.  Easy to book very accommodating." ~ Michele R.

"Wonderful adventure! The best tour we've ever had :) Fun! Informative! Adventurous! I'd highly recommend this tour :) Thanks for a great memorable time!" ~ Alisha M.

"Knowledgeable, interesting, knew a lot of things about the area, beautiful route through the bayou and knew a lot of the history behind much of the area.  Also recommended a place to eat that turned out to be wonderful." ~ James R

"We had a awesome time with George on the tour! If you ever visit New Orleans... be sure to book a tour with Happiness Bayou Tours.. you will not be disappointed!!" ~ Braderick Starling Sr.

"Great and informative tour! The captain was nice and answered all of our questions.  The ride was relaxing, smooth and all around perfect." ~ Annelese J.

"Had a great time with Captain George! Very informative, fun and accommodating!  Highly recommended for your swamp tour on your trip to Nola!" ~ Tiffani H.

"This was a really fun tour, captain George was sooooo informative! It was cold and he even had blankets for the ride, I got to hold a gator and we even saw some in the swamp." ~ Nastasia W.

"We had the pleasure of having Captain George as our guide and we had a blast! He was very informative about the alligators and the area and showed us all around the swamp. We saw 1 alligator out in the water and Captain George got him to come right up to the boat!! Great trip, would love to do it again!" ~ Melanie D

"This tour had so much to offer .... 
history from a genuine lover of the land , an amazing alligator encounter , friendliness to the max , beautiful scenery despite its despairs from Catrina and an over HAPPY feeling the whole time !!!!
A MUST DO adventure and well worth it !!!  This was one of the best adventures !!! Filled with history , real life stories of Catrina , beautiful weather, and an alligator experience never to be forgotten !!! Captain George was absolutely the key to this happy tour .... genuine luv of the bayou and it’s wonders and woes !!!!" ~ Elizabeth Montemagni

"Captain George is the absolute best! Very knowledgeable and personable. He had such great stories, personal stories that made this trip unlike any other. We were not going to do an Alligator tour but at our B&B some very nice people from Utah recommended Happiness, so we did it and it was absolutely one of the highlights of our trip. Do it you'll be happy you did!! Pictures to come, lol they are on my husband's camera. Thank you Captain George! !" Juanita and Johnny Martinez

"We were fortunate enough to be the only group on our tour. Captain George and his family showed us an amazing time in the swamp and bayou. He was so knowledgeable about the area since he grew up there and has some amazing stories!! You will not regret a tour with him!!" ~ lucky_lindsey2

"We were first greeted by Captain George at the boat docks about 20 min from downtown New Orleans, and he was incredibly pleasant and professional. Throughout the two hour tour he shared his knowledge about the physical location, the animals, and the experience of being a resident in the area. The boat was very well maintained, and the whole tour went off without a hitch. We got to both see and handle some of the wildlife! Strongly recommend Captain George and his bayou tour! Lastly, I wanted to note that we first scheduled this tour for a Saturday, but our flight was delayed and we weren't able to make it. Samantha, who handled the scheduling was not only understanding, but extremely pleasant and was willing to re-book us the day after despite the short notice. For me this was above and beyond. All around great tour run by great people!" ~ Laurent S

"Great tour with very informative Captain George! Strongly recommend this if you're in New Orleans!!" ~ Lorenzo Pierre

"This tour was awaking!! So much more than expected. George was funny and very knowledgeable. This was the highlight of our New Orleans trip! Would definitely recommend." ~ Claudia Rodriguez

"I’ve been to NOLA 3 other times & each time I’ve done a swamp or bayou tour. I would absolutely say this has been the best! It’s a smaller tour; more personal & Captain George is the best! He is so passionate, a true native, & it shows!" ~ Ashton Luke

"The tour guide, George, really made the trip perfect. He was friendly and accommodating. He is from the area and was able to give us a hometown experience. There was three in my group and a group of four was going to be in our boat as well. The group of four was running late and he was ok with waiting and gave us a longer tour. I highly recommend going on this tour!" ~ Runforbourbon

"I had the best time on this tour!! So knowledgeable and not just the cookie cutter NOLA Facts. They are immersed in the facts and lifestyle 10/10 would recommend." ~ Olivia Guyon

"Went on a tour yesterday with George and had an amazing time! He was so informative and nice and made us feel at home in the bayou! We will definitely be back!" ~ Lauren Nell Taul

"Perfect swamp tour! Captain George grew up on the Bayou and is passionate and very knowledgeable. A very small group instead of 30 people on a large boat. Perfect day Captain George! Thank you!" ~ GLADFELDER

"Captain George was awesome! Super informative and an all around great guy. Learned a bunch about the bayou, gators, and hunting. Even got to hold a baby gator! Definitely the best in Louisiana!" ~ Casha Flowers

"George our tour guide at Happiness Bayou was awesome and amazing! The tour was so fun and very interesting to see! We met the gator called Gatorade! :) also the great customer service! It had rained and George our tour guide gave us a longer tour and ponchos since it rained, it was awesome! Thank you George!" ~ Jenacosta27

"From the very beginning Captain George did nothing but accommodate and impress our group. We were on a tight schedule this day and left straight from lunch in the central city area to get to our bayou trip. We brought a group of 12 so we had the whole boat. On our way we hit a 30-40 minute delay due to a vehicle fire on the highway. Captain patiently awaited and accommodated our group and although we fully expected to have our trip cut short, he not only gave us the full 2 hours but a bit extra. Next, upon arrival we had an extra person who wanted to join and he happily accommodated that for a small reasonable extra cost. As all the other reviews state, we got a very sincere, genuine experience far above our expectations. He told us stories and did his best to show us as much wildlife as possible. The best way I can put it is, if you're looking for a Disneyland like Jungle Tour experience from a guy reading from a script looking to make you chuckle, keep looking. If you want a true southern bayou genuine experience from a local who's been coming through this bayou since he could walk, Captain George is your guy." ~ amartin1983

"We were on a mission to learn about the bayou flora and fauna as well as see a gator.  Captain George delivered and went above and beyond to make our tour amazing." ~ Becca M

"Captain George was so much fun! He has a ton of knowledge of the local bayou area.  Highly recommend this tour!" ~ Carmen Johansen

"Great trip in the bayou with Capt George. Very knowledgeable, gracious and fun. Highly recommend this for an adventure outside of the city." ~ Andrew Newbold

"Went on a tour with George today and it was absolutely amazing!! George was friendly, knowledgeable, and gave us an awesome tour.  He was so informative, smart, and passionate about what he does.  We felt welcomed as soon as we arrived and he exceed our expectations.  George went above and beyond and even prepared for the cold weather by bringing extra clothing for us.  I can't wait to come back to do another tour with George.  I'm excited to see his progress on his camp and can't wait to spend the day with him and his family.  Also Gatorade was amazing :-) thank you so much George!!!!!!" ~ Jessica P

"So so sooo much fun. Very knowledgeable and friendly guide. Kids loved it!" ~ Carrie Ihnen

"This tour was great! Captain George was awesome and very knowledgeable." ~ Monica Moser

"We had a great time on the tour with Captain George! He was super welcoming, funny, and knowledgeable. He is genuinely passionate about the bayou and it shows! I think it’s got to be the most authentic bayou experience you could get. He even took us by his camp on the bayou and introduced us to his neighbors! It was 100% the best thing that we did while in New Orleans. A must do!" ~ Katelin F

"This tour is THE BEST!  I researched many other airboat, swamp boat tours, and the reviews on this one pulled me in.  Captain George was fabulous, entertaining, and interesting!  I think he had a degree in Alligator science. :) He told us heartwarming stories about his home (St. Bernard Parish), heartbreaking stories about Hurricane Katrina, and even introduced us to his friends on the various camps.  We had a great time - even though it was freezing and the gators were hiding!  We saw something I have never seen - a deer swimming across the bayou!  I cannot emphasize how much we enjoyed this trip - thank you!!" ~ Pam L

"Amazing tour. Tour guide Capt George was very personable. It was very nice that he grew up in the area, had a camp on the bayou, and could give a more personal tour. Tour was a great length, took us out pretty far. Got to hold a gator and see gators too. Will have to come back during the summer when there are more gators." ~ James D.

"My partner and I had such a great time on the tour. Captain George was extremely knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. Will definitely do it again if we can make it back over from California." ~ Asha

"We had a blast on our bayou tour with Captain George - it was the highlight of our New Orleans vacation! Telling everyone when they visit, they have to go on a happiness bayou tour! What a fabulous experience!" ~ Pam Bezila


"Great experience. Beautiful and definitely recommend. We saw a huge gator!!!" ~ Rebecca S.

"A great tour while taking a break from Bourbon Street to get the real deal of the bayou! Captain George goes above and beyond with informative stories, safe boat rides, and captivating details of life, camps, and surviving Hurricane Katrina. This tour does not disappoint!!" ~ Amanda B.


"Had so much fun! The host was very thorough and gave us a detailed tour of the swamp land." ~ Kimberly KrunkJuice Winfrey


"Can't say enough good things about Captain George and this tour! Really got a good sense of the Bayou from a true local. It was fun, beautiful, and a history lesson all rolled into one! Loved every part!" "Anyone visiting New Orleans should take a step away from the city for a few hours to take this wonderful tour of the bayou! Captain George is a true local from this bayou and shows you all kinds of history, traditions, and stories from growing up there, surviving hurricane Katrina, etc. He shows you nature and animals...especially the gators who you get up close and personal with!" ~ Kevin N Kerry Leddy

"We booked this trip at the request of the Birthday Girl in our group, which was the reason for our visit to New Orleans.  She shared that while the temperature/wind during the tour was in the 30-40s, this tour was her favorite part of our trip.  Captain George shared not just his very deep historical knowledge of this beautiful area, but also his great affection for it and the people of the Bayou.  Even with the low temps, we managed to spot a gator.  We stopped to chat with some bass fishermen on our way back and were privileged to watch one of them catch a nice one!  They wanted us to stay longer as we brought them such good luck.  We were able to manage the frigid temps with the tarp Captain George had on hand.  We highly recommend this tour!" ~ Cinderellis

"Absolutely loved it! Captain George was knowledgeable and hilarious. A must-do on your visit!" ~ Brittney B.

"I cannot say enough about this tour.  Captain George had wonderful stories all along the trip.  He was entertaining as well as informative.  If you want a personal trip this is the one to take!  I would highly recommend it!" ~ duckonthego

"Fantastic experience with Captain George!! This is a one of a kind authentic experience with a guide who takes you from his early childhood experiences on the bayou, through Katrina and life today!! Captain George ‘s trip is 5 star- I highly recommend this trip!!!" ~ Martha D.

"You could tell Capt. George has been deeply rooted in Louisiana. His stories are wonderful and he gets very excited tell them. Definitely worth the trip. It was freezing cold the day we went but it didn't stop us from experiencing this awesome tour!" ~ Marie C.

"Me and hubby had so much fun. George was so knowledgeable and fun! Highly recommend" ~ Tia H.

"Didn’t mind the COLD; we came prepared! Captain George and his trusty 1st mate gave us the Bayou experience! " ~ Shadra Green-Mathis

"Fantastic tour with Captain George who grew up on the water, lived through Katrina, and shared his stories & knowledge.  Beautiful & fun adventure with friends & strangers.  Highly recommend this tour, a great way to spend some time on the bayou.  The birds, the alligators, the history, the personal stories & the love George has for this area make this tour totally special." ~ Tracy G.

"We had a wonderful couple of hours traversing some of the Bayou - loved the passion and enthusiasm of George." ~ Catherine Allen

"A must do!! Captain George made this trip...his knowledge of the area and seeing the gator was a added bonus!!" ~ Joe Lamb

"Capt. George was the man! Was very knowledgeable and showed us an awesome time. If you’ve never been to New Orleans you should definitely do this tour!!" ~ Michael Lamb

"George was an excellent and authentic guide. Really enjoyed it!" ~ Nanette Young Phipps

"So awesome! Captain George was knowledgeable, personable and fun! We learned some facts, saw some great wildlife and had a great time. We would love to come back for a Louisiana Luau at his Daddy's camp ! " ~ Ambrosia Easton

"Great experience. George made great effort to make the tour enjoyable. I would highly recommend this tour. My 16 yr old daughter and I enjoyed it very much." "Captain George gave us a great tour.  My 16 year old daughter and I found it very interesting and entertaining.  The tour was not only a great value but also our favorite tour during a 3 week vacation traveling through seven states!" ~ Bonna S.

"Our bachelorette celebrating group loved our Bayou tour with Captain George! It was a great way to spend the afternoon and see a different side of New Orleans.  Captain George was very knowledgeable and had some great stories to tell.  The Bayou itself was beautiful and we loved exploring down the narrow waterways.  We saw some alligators and had some great laughs.  It was very easy to get to from the French Quarter area and we had no issues getting an uber/lyft to and from.  With some pending thunderstorms Samantha was very easy to communicate with to help us reschedule.  Thank you Captain George and Samantha for such a memorable part of our trip!" ~ Rachel D.

"Captain George did a fantastic job giving us a tour of the bayou ... even saw gators which made the tour! His knowledge and history of the area was perfect! Would definitely do this again!!" ~ jlamb42

"We had a great time visiting the Bayou and being entertained by George, the captain/guide.  He shared many personal stories of growing up around the area, and his experience of Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath.  His passion for what he does comes through in his enthusiasm.  We would highly recommend this tour for an entertaining couple of hours." ~ Cath_and_Ben

"Captain George was an awesome guide!!!! Quite the alligator whisperer." ~ Sarah G.

"This was my most memorable experience yet. I will be back! I love the history Captain George supplied." "Best experience ever! I will be returning! Captain George is a great tour guide." ~ Brittany Hurt-Head

"Can't say enough about the passion and dedication Captain George has! He was so friendly and courteous." ~ Jessica C.

"George rocks." ~ Brent B.

"I was a great tour Captain George was full of knowledge about the bayou and the sights along the bayou." ~ Johnnye Wakefield

"Definitely enjoyed myself, captain George was a great guide." ~ Harold Head

"The guide, Captain George, was fun and informative!! Best part of our trip so far!! We will definitely be returning to NOLA with the family and booking a tour again!!" ~ BeLynda Price Farmer

"This was one of the coolest tours I have ever experienced! Captain George was so informative, entertaining and funny. This tour is definitely a must do for anyone who wants to check out the bayou!" ~ Courtney Nelson

"Captain George provided a very informative and entertaining tour and we had a blast.  Highly recommended." ~ D M

"I went on the Happiness Bayou Tour as part of a celebration for my friends 30th this past saturday. We have been to the New Orleans area plenty of times before and never did a swamp tour. We were able to book and visit the tour the SAME day which was great because we were on limited time. Finding the location was easy because we were texted exactly how to get there. We plugged it into the GPS and were set. The tour was two hours and very informational. TBH I expected it to be boring or "typical" and it wasnt. Our tour guide was awesome. Very attentive and made us feel right at ease. All in all this was an amazing experience and I would suggest this to anyone." ~ Lauren Rose Matthews

"Just got back from New Orleans and the highlight of the trip for me was the bayou tour we had with Captain George.  The tour was informative, exciting, and lots of fun.  Lots of good sights and had a really cool encounter with a gator.  Capt George is a character and would highly recommend anyone who goes to New Orleans to take a tour with him.  It's not a complete trip without doing so.  Thanks again Capt!!" ~ Matthew J.

"This tour was AMAZING! Me and my friends were visiting NOLA for a bachelorette weekend and really wanted to do the best of the best in New Orleans! This topped all of our events for the whole weekend! It was relaxing, entertaining, fun, and educational.  And that was all because Captain George.  He made this tour awesome! He's so friendly and you can tell he really loves the Bayou.  We were with him for 2 hrs!  Can you imagine having a crappy tour guide. Thank god we had him. Thank you Captain George for showing us everything and teaching us so much. I had the best time and can't wait to go back." ~ Janine O.

"Had an amazing tour with Captain George. He’s personable and really knows his stuff. Takes the time get to know his clients and answers all questions. Has a great sense of humor and tour was authentic. You won’t go wrong with this tour." ~ Alrucia Harris Thomas

"Very nice guide, good information." ~ Evangeline N.

"Captain George was awesome! Super friendly and very informative. We saw a big gator and got to hold a baby gator. The tour was very authentic and we love it!" ~ Adeline

"Captain George loves his job and the area. It exudes from within. He is truly enjoyable, as well as knowledgeable. We took the plantation tour yesterday with a good guide but this tour with Captain George far succeeded her. He made certain we were to see a gator and we did. He stops and explains everything including the devastation from Katrina. Definitely a happy tourist with this tour." ~ Monica S.

"Captain George was very entertaining. The tour was fun and informative. It was relaxing as is should be. We really enjoyed ourselves!" ~ Leslei L.

"My husband and I had a great time on this excursion!  Captain George was a great tour guide, telling us all about the bayou and its wildlife.  I would highly recommend!" ~ carebare91

"Capt George was so much fun! Very knowledgeable! He makes sure everyone has fun 😄 Highly recommend" ~ Stefanie Lilly


"Capt. George was a true treasure wealth of local history. His personal story telling and family history made his tour super personal. It felt like hanging out with a new friend as he shows you his legacy.  Top shelf!!"  Phokus Lilly

"We were here in NOLA for a Bachelorette trip from North Carolina, this was easily our favorite part of the trip. Captain George was AMAZING, and very knowledgeable on the history and current relevance of the tour. He was fun and likable, he made us feel like we were all old friends. I can't say enough about how much fun this trip was for us, and how totally worth every penny it was. Highly recommend Happiness Bayou tours with Captain George." ~ Kathleen Mcswain


"Great experience. Tour guy was really experienced. He really connected with tour group well . Really got us involved with the tour it self. As a group we learned a lot about the bayou history. Would definitely recommend this place . It's worth it ." ~ Dinsdale J.


"Captain George is amazing!!!  He is so knowledgeable about the bayou.  He is friendly, and is really passionate about his environment.  Speeding through the bayou was a magical experience I will always cherish!  The skies were blue and the clouds were picturesque.  Captain George made my first trip to the bayou very memorable.  All the people we saw on the canals were all friendly.  I definitely recommend THIS tour!!!" ~ Oreogirl30


"This is by far the best experience I had in New Orleans during my whole stay, which in a city with so much history and culture, was a surprise for me.  The whole establishment is so personal and professional from start to finish.  We went on this tour for a bachelorette party and there were so many options, but we chose this one because it had the best reviews and feedback, which was more important to us than price or a "deal."  I saw horror stories from other cheaper places on yelp and trip advisor so don't bother with those, George is so passionate and amazing.  The whole experience was so seamless and the tour itself was unbelievable.  Captain George was so friendly, knowledgeable and a true southern gentlemen.  My friends and I are from Los Angeles and have pretty high expectations for almost everything but this truly exceeded them.  The boat ride was so much fun and exciting!!  We saw tons of gators and wildlife and got to take pictures holding a baby gator, which was so exciting.  Hands down this is the best tour out there because of the people who make it so amazing.  Thanks captain George!!!!" ~ Derek T.


"Cannot say enough about Captain George! Great tour! Extremely educational and informative. Loved the small group experience and would book again with no question. A must do if you go to New Orleans!" ~ Lynn Jackson


"This was an amazing tour, seeing the devastation from Katrina and the rebuilding was certainly incredible. The best part was seeing the beauty that nature has provided for us to appreciate and enjoy. I recommend this tour to everyone. Special thanks to Captain George for showing us a side of New Orleans that few get to enjoy." ~ Lee Douglas


"Happiness Bayou Tours was the highlight of my trip to New Orleans. It was the perfect getaway from the city. It was educational, fun, and interactive. It was definitely the favorite part of my entire trip! Captain George is a great tour guide. Hands down worth it - the best thing you'll do in Louisiana!" ~ Kayla Xavier


"Captain George was fantastic, so knowledgeable and informative. Most enjoyable and very professional would highly recommend this trip." ~ Karen P.


"Exciting fun adventurous fast Speedy boat. Captain was very courteous. We were a little late but he waited and flagged us down when we were in the parking lot. The captain was very informative. And he even gets to know the alligators very well. Highly recommend." ~ Thaddeus F.

"Amazing so much fun. Best thing we did while in New Orleans." ~ Allison D.

"Captain George was personable, informative and a joy. I appreciated not only the history but the heartfelt stories of the people living and surviving in this area. I will always include this tour with each visit to this area and recommend it highly to others." ~ Carol C.


"Captain George was AMAZING!!! This was my first time in New Orleans and the only thing I knew I had to do was go on a bayou tour and captain George did not disappoint. You can tell he really loves and knows the bayou and it's great to hear his stories! He genuinely cares for the animals that call the bayou home! Overall amazing tour! Worth every penny AND MORE!" ~ Sarah G.


"Had an awesome time on our swamp tour with Captain George on Sept 10...he wanted a pic of a big deer he seen out but we couldn't get a pic, he was too a gator pic though 😁" ~ Cassie Perrigan


"Such an awesome experience, captain George was great!" ~ Colleen Krawczykowski


"Captain George is great! The stories and history about the bayou and Katrina was an added bonus! This will definitely be one of our "things to do" whenever we visit New Orleans!" ~ CJ Red

"Had a tour with Happiness Bayou Tours at 3:30 and got caught in traffic on the way, however we contacted Captain George and he waited for us, we had an amazing day, and got some great pictures..Thank you from Mary Lay Duncan and Donna Pence sisters from Kentucky."


"We enjoyed getting out to St Bernard Parish and learning about Violet, LA. This is more than a swamp tour experience and something anyone visiting the area should check out!  A huge thank you to Captain George for giving is the best tour of the areas waterways. We got an education on the gaming practices, the culture, the infrastructure... I learned so much on our tour yet it was just a fun day with a cool captain. Thank you to Samantha for accommodating us and making our tour possible!" ~ Kiasha Huling

"Captain George was awesome!  He knew all of the details that made the bayou fun and had some cool little spots." ~ Tom S


"I have been on a swamp tour once before many years ago.  The experience this time was a million times more interesting.  George explained the difference between a bayou, a swamp and a marsh, told us all about alligators and even had a small one we could hold, he took us down an absolutely beautiful tunnel of trees lined with live oaks and Spanish moss that was just gorgeous.  He showed us where the levee breached during Katrina and lots of history and info about that.  It was one of my favorite parts of our vacation.  George was fantastic and I highly recommend his tour." ~ Amy G


"Captain George was awesome..very informative." ~ Cassie P.


"It was a amazing experience and captain George was really nice." ~ Joanne B.


"So fun!! Great tour guide, beautiful landscape, and adorable crocs :) Highly recommend!!" ~ Cassandra C.


"We had an awesome time out on the boat!" ~ Arielle C.


"First time in New Orleans and doing a tour of the bayou. It was a great experience. Captain George is very knowledgable. He gave us so much history on the bayous and in depth knowledge of alligators. He even kissed an alligator! The baby alligator made my day! I would definitely recommend this tour to friends and family!" ~ Faiza F.


"So much fun and so educational! Captain George was the real deal! Our group of 5 gals on a batchelorette weekend sure enjoyed this outing!" ~ Michelle Hackney

"Awesome tour lot of fun can't say enough about it" Leonard Deatley


"This was truly one of the best experiences of my life! Captain George was AMAZING. I could not have asked for a better tour!" ~ Ashley Nicole Keel


"Captain gorge was the best and so informative. Me and my bachelorette party all had a wonderful time" ~ Jess Paramo


"Thank you so much for showing us around!! I am recommending to all my friends who visit New Orleans to come to you!" ~ Shanell Brent


"Captain George provided such a great experience. This has been the best part of our trip so far. He made it fun, informative, and truly amazing being out on the bayou!" ~ Jessica Klapperich


"I went on this tour a few days ago and I can't stop thinking about how great it was! Definitely a top highlight of my week in NOLA. Captain George is GREAT. Having a tour guide that has spent his life on the bayou was very informative to the total experience. And he picks up those gators with no fear!!! Worth every penny, recommend this 100%" ~ Karina Parada

"Truly the best experience on our road trip South. Captain George (and Gatorade) showed us, not only the bayou, but educated us Michigan folks about 'gators, levy's, hurricane Katrina and so much more. He was so pleasant and was like a friend the way he shared his life history on and about the bayou. We fit this tour after leaving NO and heading north. So glad we did. A must-see adventure for this whole family, young and old, not to mention the great value! You will not be disappointed!!!!" ~ Karen Fumich Nycek Wezner

"You will have the time of your life, Captian George and his staff are top notch, heck with all the other big huge company wannabes, take a real tour with a real guy who lives it day in and day out in his own back yard. This is probably the best tour I have ever took, me and my wife had a blast and feel like Captain George is a friend now, he makes you feel that comfortable and he really opens his life up to you. And introduces some friends of his that live under the water lol take this tour you will not be disappointed, thank You to your and your staff for showing us Kansas City folk what Bayou living is all about brother will come on the tour again if we come back in town" ~ Enrique Trillo


"This was by far the best part of my first-time New Orleans experience! Captain George was so knowledgeable on the bayou and even found us some alligators swimming around. He told us personal stories of his experiences growing up in the area which made the whole tour just seem like one big family conversation. His passion is what made the tour extra special. Definitely worth every second." ~ jessklap


"Captain George was absolutely amazing! He did a great job telling about the history of the bayou, as well as some great personal experiences! Getting to see some gators in their natural habitat was awesome!!" ~ Katie B


"This was a great experience given by a tour guide with great knowledge of alligators and the Bayou. If ever in New Orleans give this tour a try. On Sunny days it was a guarantee to see live Gators in the water. The guide also let tourists hold and take pictures with it. There are a lot of tours but this guide loves where he's from and won't disappoint to give people what they want--Good Job!" ~ Monika C


"We had such a great time on our tour this morning. Captain George was knowledgeable and entertaining. This was well worth every penny!" ~ tdstratton


"Captain George was amazing! He did a great job explaining some history of the bayou along with some great personal stories. It was an awesome experience! I would definitely recommend, especially those wanting a real bayou experience!!! It was cool to see some gators up close and personal!" ~ KB


"Captain George's tour was a great choice for my first time in New Orleans! It felt very authentic and personal since he's lived there and done this for so long. We did see gators that were incredible and he passed around a baby gator to hold if we wanted. The bayou itself was beautiful and he had so many stories to tell. He made the whole experience educational and fun, and I definitely recommend this tour!" ~ Jyothi N


"Capt. George was great! Had a wonderful time on the tour and listening to his stories! Worth it!" ~ Jelena B


"Beautiful tour!!! I took my husband for his birthday and he enjoyed every bit of it. Captain George was phenomenal. Definitely wouldn't mind going back or even recommending Happiness Bayou Tours to family and friends!" Eunis W


"Capt. George was very friendly and informative. My family and I were very pleased with the tour. Would definitely recommend this tour." ~ Heidi W


"Seriously, hands down the best swamp tour ever. I planned this swamp tour for a bachelorette trip and all the girls raved about it. It was the perfect ending to our weekend in Nola. George is so knowledgeable about the swamp and you won't find that often. Look no further for a swamp tour because this one is the best!" ~ Krista C


"Captain George fit us in for a same day reservation without a sweat and the five of us had a blast. Thank you for the great time!" ~ Ramona M


"Best water tour you can take in New Orleans!!!" ~ Allan L

"Best thing ever! Captain George is very knowledgeable gives you a little taste of everything. Fun, exciting, yet relaxing at the same time. When we come back to NOLA we will be taking the tour again with the rest of the family. Happiness tours, doing the bayou the right way! We had so much fun heard lots of good stories, interesting tales and wildlife was abundant. Definitely a must do!" ~ jerrisa m


"Captain George was great!!! We has a small group, got to see him come face to face with an alligator. He shared so information with us about the bayou, alligators, and so much more. Such a great experience, and everyone on the Happiness Bayou team was very friendly and helpful." ~ Maria Z

"Everything about the tour was great! Intimate and informative! There was a huge lightening storm so instead of taking us out in the lightening we were able to reschedule for the safety and fun for all!" ~ Christine L


"Capt George is a local with lots of experience to share. Great tour!!" ~ mmelchor


"Had a great tour of the bayou. Saw Hurricane Katrina's destruction and learned more about this unique ecosystem." ~ Lori B


"Had a great time on the tour! Very entertaining and informative. Learned a lot and had fun! Would definitely do again and highly recommend to others!" ~ Mandy M


"First off I want to say I loved the tour and secondly I enjoyed it even more because of Captain George! I will definitely go back next time I visit New Orleans to bring my family on the this great experience Thank you for the amazing day Captain 🐊 ❤️"  "Amazing time, loved the tour 10 times better because of Captain George!" ~ Aracely Vanessa Guerrero


"Had a amazing time on our first bayou ride!!! Thanks to captain George, he made it fun, exciting and educational! Had a blast holding a alligator for the first time, Captain George made us welcomed and comfortable. I highly recommend anyone interested in doing these activities to come here,we will definitely be coming back! Thank you captain George for the amazing ride!!" ~ Asia Manning


"Heck of a tour. Captain George was the best, knew his stuff and gave us an all around great experience. Definitely would recommend taking this tour if you visit New Orleans." ~ Jacob Lara


"The most fantastic tour. George was so knowledgeable and passionate. Highly recommended." ~ Heidi Mavir

"Captain George and his mate were amazing. The entire family appreciated their knowledge and real life experiences. This tour is definitely a do over." "We had an incredible experience on this tour. Captain George was very professional and knowledgeable. The kids learned so much and have a new appreciation for nature. A family must do activity if you are in NOLA."  ~ Maria Salazar Alfaro


"Amazing! Captain George was brilliant! The tour was great, very knowledgeable, fun, and interesting. Cannot recommend highly enough." ~ Sarah Lampkin Maw

"Such a great tour! Captain George was super friendly and knowledgeable! I had lots of questions and he was able to fill me in on all of my inquiries! We saw gators and learned a lot about the bayou before and after Katrina! Highly recommend!" ~ Katy Denise

"George is AWESOME. He took my boyfriend and I on a private tour of the bayou and was very thorough in explaining the culture, impacts of Katrina, fishing/shrimping methods, wildlife and even found some gators to play with and feed. This was money well of the high-lights of our won't regret it." ~ La Toya Jackson


"Captain George was great! My family and I really enjoyed this tour!" ~ Porscha T


"This was completely worth it. Captain George was absolutely amazing. He was engaging and ensured every guest interest. If you're on vacation, like us, they provide round trip transportation. The transporter was friendly and knowledgeable. If you are thinking of purchasing don't think twice-- do it!!!" ~ Dianna D


"Wonderful tour! Captain George was super friendly and knowledgeable! Learned all about the bayou before and after Katrina, would highly recommend!" ~ Katy B


"Awesome tour very nice and the places he takes you are beautiful also very informative." ~ Trayor B


"Captain George was a wonderful knowledgeable guide. This was my first visit to New Orleans and he made the experience so exciting and fun. We saw alligators and even held one on the boat. Love it!" ~ Deneen G


"This was a highlight of our trip as well.  Captain George grew up on the bayou so he was so knowledgeable about the history (Katrina!) and the eco-system.  We had 6 on our boat ... saw lots of alligators and learned so much from George!  As soon as we got off the boat my 18 year old son commented that this was really a great trip.  Highly recommended!" ~ Lavonne B

"While researching bayou and swamp tours in New Orleans, we stumbled upon this place and I'm so glad we chose it over the larger operations.  With only 12 people on our tour, Captain George had time to answer all of our questions and show us the true bayou.  Within a 2 hour tour, we got to experience a lot of different things, from speeding along the waterways to seeing old camps from Hurricane Katrina to spotting three gators in the wild along with myriad other wildlife.  It was so easy coordinating the tour and I will be recommending it to friends and family.  Thanks Captain George!" ~ eturner1350


"I went there with my wife and two kids and it was worth every second.  It was the highlight of our 2017 4 week road trip so far.  Captain George was able to answer all the questions we had, he took his time and showed us around the bayou.  They are a small company and their work ethics and mannerism shows it unlike the bigger tour companies in the area.  The first hand experience of the hurricane and the lifestyle of living on the bayou is all there.  The kids loved the alligator sightings and the scenery.  I would do it again and I would highly recommend taking the trip with these guys ... Give them a shot." ~ Mike A


"This was the highlight of our trip.  Captain George was very knowledgeable and entertaining and ensured everyone's safety and comfort.  From ponchos to ice cold water, our every need was attended to.  We ended up getting lost on our way there and Captain George directed us and waited 15 entire minutes so we could join the tour.  I'd recommend this to anyone!" ~ Jane W


"Captain George, whom happens to be that bayou guru with @happinessbayoutours that ALL should encounter.  You can tell when someone is passionate about their area of expertise." ~ Rayn N


"We have gone on airboat tours in the past.  This was a first time for us on the bayou in a flat bottom boat.  We really enjoyed the tour, got to see and learn lots of new things.  Captain George really cares about the bayous and the people and wildlife there and is very happy to share his knowledge and personal experiences.  We loved it!"  ~ susanjackson2017

"We had a wonderful trip. It was very personal and informative and as a former homeschool mom/ current homeschool Secretary and employed at a recreation company on the weekends, that is important to me. Thank you." ~ Judith Boulden

"Best bayou tour I've been on. Love Captain George. He's so entertaining and very knowledgeable about the area." ~ Meagan Jones

"Amazing tour!! Thanks Georges for your passion!!" ~ Karine Thibault

"Great tour! I've experienced other tours in the past, this one was great! Very good Captain George! Thanks!" ~ Josette Hurtubise

"What an amazing experience !!!! Captain Georges was just incredible !!!! Thank you so much !!!" ~ Chantal Veillette


"It was so fun, plus we learned a lot !! Thanks for the tour, captain George 😄 great experience !" ~ Veronique Tessier


"A large group of girls and I came to New Orleans for several days. We did multiple touristy activities over the course of the weekend. This was by far all of our favorite. Captain George was incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. Also very accommodating. I've seen other swamp tours available, but this one is a must!" ~ Jessica Strong


"We had no prior experience with visiting the bayou or even New Orleans and I happened upon the website for this tour ... Our lucky day! This experience was so culturally authentic and Captain George was so competent and experienced, we considered it a privilege to be with him, as he grew up here and his experiences were so interesting and fun to learn about. We absolutely loved this experience and felt we got the best bayou tour around! The value of what we experienced far surpassed the cost.We will take these good memories home with us, thank -you Captain George and Happiness Bayou Tours! We think y'all are the BEST!"  ~ Lorrie Cucinella Wilson


"Captain George was a fantastic guide and very knowledgeable about his backyard bayou. He was extremely friendly and took us even though me and my friend we were the only two in the group. Highly recommend this tour to anyone staying in New Orleans. You will not be disappointed!" ~ Dustin H

"This was AMAZING! Captain George is super knowledgeable of the area and he's a pretty funny guy as well. We even got to hold an actual gator!! My favorite part! I highly recommend this tour :)"  ~ Chantel S


"One of the best tours I ever been on!!!"  Sean D


"Amazing trip. Captain George was super awesome and very knowledgeable. He took just the two of us out even though the other customers canceled. Had a great time and would definitely do it again if we visit New Orleans again." ~ Samson K

"The tour was awesome. The guide was friendly, knowledgeable, and very pleasant. The tour was relaxing and exciting at the same time. We stopped and saw many gators. It was money well spent. Would definitely do it again!" ~ Marcy K


"Super nice and really knowledgeable guide. Captain George is awesome and really loves what he does!" ~ Tony P

"There aren't enough stars to rate this experience! Captain George was awesome, friendly, and extremely informative. We got to see gators and the beautiful canals in the bayou in a great relaxing atmosphere. Would repeat if I'm ever in Louisiana!" ~ Jelena B


"My wife had found this by accident online.  We were very happy we took this trip.  It was fun to get out on the bayou.  This was more open water bayou than swamp like I thought.  We had a storm blow up on us and our captain made a dash for some old covered docks to protect us from the downpour and lightning.  After, we took a nice trip through the backwater, saw some wildlife and where the bayou folk lived (the camps) before the hurricane made things too dangerous.  Great trip." ~ Big_Ford_Country84


"Fantastic tour.  Captain George was the best guide, he has a wealth of information about the area and its history.  Got a real feel for the damage done by Katrina that still lingers to this day.  This is THE BAYOU TOUR you must take.  Beautiful part of the country in a nice, very clean boat." ~ Gretchen S


"Loved it, great Captain, very knowledgeable! Did not have to fight a big crowded boat, worth the price!" ~ Julie Vinson


"Being able to participate in one of Captain George's tours was an absolutely wonderful experience, one that I did not expect to be as fulfilling as it turned out to be! The bayou is so, so gorgeous - I really recommend signing up for a tour in the evening, as the sight of the sunset and how it's beauty interacted with the trees lining the waterways and the surface of the water is just breathtaking. Being in that boat and taking it all in, I truly felt a rare sort of peace. Not to be waxing excessive poetics, but it really was gorgeous and heartening.  And the alligators! We were lucky to see quite a few on our tour. They were so cute! Captain George gives a pathway to an almost personal connection with the creatures. He has a vast knowledge of them and will tell you all about them as you see them peek out at you from under the water. It felt very interactive (you might even get a chance to throw the gators some marshmallows!) and when I was leaving, I started to really miss them.  The tour themselves are run by very sweet, very welcoming people that truly enhance the time spent in the boat. Captain George has an obvious love for the bayou, the culture surrounding it, and its story. He gives a real feeling of history to the area - especially concerning the time of Katrina and the aftermath. By the end, the water and the buildings framing it (both the ones still functioning after Katrina and the ones that haven't been totally restored) is more than just natural and man-made structures but objects of life and humanity.  It's more than just a tour where you can look at alligators, it's an experience. A very personal and beautiful one." ~ Lesley D.

"Met Captain George after he personally left a flyer on our car while staying at an Air B & B.  SO glad we decided to go on this tour!! We had a large group and he was able to accommodate all 17 of us.  It was a BLAST!  Not only was it extremely beautiful, but it was quite educational and overall a great time!  Highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting NOLA.  ALSO, highly recommend doing the 6 pm tour as riding into the sunset was a tranquil and soothing way to start the night off on a high note.  Recommend this tour to people of ALL ages!" ~ Loren M

"LOVED this tour!! It was amazing to hear what things were like before Hurricane Katrina and after.  We were lucky that it was a cloudy day and the boat was so much faster than expected! That was a pleasant surprise!! Totally safe and very informative!" ~ Samantha M


"Amazing adventure with Capt George an his son.  A great time had by the entire family.  Gator-aid was a big hit." ~ Tim K.

"I am not a local and I went with a couple of friends.  It was a very fun trip with Happiness Bayou Tours! Many sights to see and the captain was very knowledgeable about the area.  I would definitely recommend going on a Bayou tour with this company." ~ Chris C.


"Highly recommend this tour. Captain George was very accommodating and knowledgeable." ~ Vincent Palladino


"We truly enjoyed the Bayou Tour. Captain George was awesome...very informative. I highly recommend this tour!!!" ~ Earline Jackson

"Thank you Captain George for a beautiful tour. I would definitely do it again." ~ Anne Tiernan


"The tour was wonderful from the time of booking it and throughout the tour!!!" ~ Savannah Smith

"First time visitor to Louisiana here. DO THIS. This is not a huge commercial tour company. Captain George is a local - the bayou is his home. He was able to share so much knowledge that many people couldn't. Highly recommended for people of all ages." ~ Madeline Erce

"Y'all run a wonderful company and a spectacular service.  You're friendly, welcoming, inviting and past accommodating.  Our tour was so fun.  We could've not seen a single gator and been almost as happy because we enjoyed the company so much.  I would've got out at your father-in-law's camp and struck up conversation with anyone and everyone there if it wouldn't have looked like I was a creepy tourist. We just loved the feel of the environment and the people, all fishing and hanging out at the water.  It was great!  The first half of my childhood, I lived somewhat similarly with gators and crawfish, etc. etc. but it was in southeast Texas.  So, how warm and fuzzy did I feel today?!  I couldn't rave enough about Captain George and your company overall.  Very sweet people.  We'll be back one day when the babies get older.  Can't wait." ~ Regina Handle


"Thanks for spending part of your Father's Day with us! We all had a great time hearing your personal stories. It was definitely a favorite of our family road trip!" Melinda Masser


"Captain George was a perfect Guide!! Since he grew up in the area he has a ton of knowledge from before Hurricane Katrina up to present day! We highly recommend Happiness Bayou Tours!!" ~ Samantha Montaño


"Amazing tour with a more amazing tour guide Captain George!!" ~ Karen Renee Parker Norwood


"We had so much fun on our tour! Captain George was very friendly and informative. I would definitely recommend touring his bayou." ~ jeehansouad


"This was an amazing experience for my family! Captain George was fantastic!!! He is very knowledgeable about the area and the wild life. We were able to see live gators in the bayou and saw some of the after affects of hurricane Katrina. Would definitely take another tour with Happiness Bayou tours LLC again. The pricing is very reasonable and the boat is very clean!" ~ OmahaOne


"Even though we only saw one gator we were NOT disappointed with Capt. George! He was great! His life stories were fascinating and he was very knowledgeable about the bayou. We met "Gatorade". And he shared Katrina stories. We will definitely be back!! Thank you Capt. George from the Edwards'."  ~ Terri E

"Captain George was fantastic. Friendly, knowledgeable, professional. The weather hasn't been great this week on vacation and the prospect of rain made the other 6 potential passengers ditch out. George said great, let's get the 2 of you going. My travelmate and I ended up with a private tour that was one of the best parts of being down here. George will tell you all about Katrina, the aftermath, and how everything has changed, along with encyclopedic knowledge of gators and their habits. We were lucky and saw at least 10 on the day. His prices are ridiculously cheap and his boat is comfortable. Take Captain George up on his offer. Thanks Man!" ~ Aaron Wag Krygier


"I highly recommend this tour. George our tour guide was very informative and interesting. It was lots of fun." ~ Phyllis Reneau


"Capt. George was fantastic! We learned a lot and had an amazing time!! Thank you !!" ~ Sami Noble


"Very informative, interactive and fun! Captain George was amazing, answered questions and shared tons of information with us. Thanks for a great tour and an awesome time!" ~ Dana McCombs

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